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Data Science with AI Masterclass

By Mr. Deepak Pradhan

Sr. Data Scientist with 8 yr+ Experience
Completed AI/ML (Data Science) Research Work at IIT Mandi

– No coding or business knowledge required

– Build powerful dashboards with Power BI for tracking all KPIs

– Gain key insights and observations from your data

– Master data analysis and visualization techniques

– Perform business intelligence to drive company growth

– Leverage data to become a star performer in your team

Cyber Security Masterclass

By Dr. Gyana Ranjan Panigrahi

Microsoft Certified Trainer
Member of NASSCOM

– No coding or technical background needed

– Implement robust cybersecurity measures effortlessly

– Detect and respond to cyber threats effectively

– Master cybersecurity analysis and risk assessment

– Safeguard sensitive data and digital assets

– Become a cybersecurity expert within your team

Who is this workshop for?

Recent Graduates

IT Professionals

Non-Technical Professionals

Career Explorers

Business Professionals

Absolute Beginners

What will you learn in the Masterclass?

Session-1 Data Science with AI Masterclass

 ✅ Key Algorithms, Techniques, and Methodologies used in Data Science & AI.

✅ Get hands-on experience on live projects.

✅ The Skills and Qualifications required to be an AI-powered Data Scientist.

✅ Gain insights into emerging technologies and the future direction of the field.

Session-2 Cyber Security Masterclass

 ✅ Introduction to Ethical Hacking

✅ Understanding Cyber Threats

✅ Penetration Testing Techniques

✅ Network Security Fundamentals

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